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Title IX: A Document to be Demolished?

Updated: Jul 3

In 1972, Title IX was created to revolutionize equal opportunity. Most of us know Title IX for its groundbreaking powers in women’s athletics. It gave women the opportunity to compete in the previously solely male dominated field of athletics. It shaped NCAA’s regulations to give females equal numbers of scholarships, facilities, and competitions to their male counterparts. You see, back in 1972 people were taking steps to realize how important it is for females to have a space to compete in athletics and to build leadership skills, but for some reason in the most progressive era ever seen in mankind we are eliminating females once again. This time the elimination of females is guised in the sorry excuse of delusional cross-dressing men who have failed of winning in male athletic competitions. As an NCAA athlete myself, I realize how immensely athletics have shaped me. Athletics have taught me how to push through difficult times, work through failure, build a thick skin, manage my time, and work for a purpose greater than me. They always say that it is important for one to work with their hands and develop a skill to keep them disciplined, and athletics does just that. It is seen all through Proverbs that idle hands lead to slothfulness and are the devil’s workshop. For many, athletics keeps their hands from becoming idle. If you take a look at the female Fortune 500 CEO’s, 9 in 10 of them were athletes at some point of their lives. You can’t tell me that there isn’t a noteworthy connection there. Those women certainly don’t have idle hands. I’ve been told throughout my career by numerous professors and professionals that employers and graduate schools love former female athletes because of their drive and attention to detail. With knowing that, the threat women face with these transgender wannabes invading our athletic spaces goes past impacting athletic opportunity for competition, sponsorships, and viewership, but it now has potential to negatively impact what women have been fighting for in the workplace for many decades. Fewer spots for women to participate in athletic spaces such as the NCAA yields for female disinterest in sports and fewer former female athlete CEO’s. We are finally getting our foot in the door in athletics and in the workplace by holding high achievements and positions, but now men want to take that away once again. Where is Title IX now? Where are our sign toting feminists at? What will it take for us to wake up? Will it take a life disabling accident in an athletic competition? Will it take the destruction of over 50 years of progress in the name of female achievement? Feminists have always complained saying that men want to make women second class to them. I say with this new movement of transgender “women”, they are wanting to make women fall to a third class ranked below everyone. This new wave of progressive inclusivity of trans delusion is painted in the most obnoxious shade of blue and I say it’s time to start painting the town red.

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