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Their Living Must Not Be in Vain

As Daybreak ends, and Night is ever near. I am reminded of these special lyrics as we honor those families whose loved ones paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom on this Goldstar Family Day:

Day is done, Gone the sun, From the lake, From the hill, From the sky. All is well, Safely rest, God is nigh.

What a blessing it was being raised by a man who wore the military uniform, a veteran who fought in World War II, and a mighty warrior in God’s Army. I am honored to have called Chief Isaiah Clark, daddy.

The military was an organization that instilled a camaraderie amongst men and women of different colors, of different nationalities, of different cultures, and of different religious beliefs; but, the one thing that they had, that was all that and some, was their love of each other and their love of OUR country’s flag.

So blessed to see how families, active duty and retired, can be unified by the mere love of the United States of America, our country, sweet land of liberty and as you know, it goes on to say… land, where my fathers died. Many of us are

remembering today and will continue to remember in years to come.

This day, September 24th, signifies the importance of keeping hope alive of the many fathers who died, the many mothers who died, the many brothers and sisters who died. We still must hold truth, to all who will listen, that we must never be okay with leaving one of our own behind; That today, we must find a way back to how our military families were treated, how we laughed together, how we cried together, how we served together. It is imperative that we now join together in love for each other. No matter what anybody else says, no matter what anybody else does, those who we are honoring today… their lives must not be in vain. We cannot have done it without them, so let us be strong, be courageous, be loving, and give strength to those who will follow in their footsteps.

Glory be to God; glory be to this country.


By: Minister Vivian L. Childs, Advisor

United Women Foundation

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