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Meet The Women
Board of Directors


Gloria Giorno

Gloria Giorno is the Founder and President of United Women Foundation, formerly know as United Women of Tennessee. She is a conservative Christian mother and wife. United Women Foundations awards college scholarships to conservative female students as well as hosts monthly meetings, mostly on Zoom, where students interview conservatives, such as Senator Marsha Blackburn as well as other conservatives from throughout the nation. United Women Foundation educates conservatives and gives them a place to share the difficulties they face as conservatives in and out of college. Gloria also helps to connect conservatives with conservative employers. Born in the suburbs of Chicago, living in Communist Yugoslavia with parents who taught her and her children the tragedies of communism, Gloria deeply appreciates the freedoms taken for granted in America. She is an activist and support all those fighting the good fight. Gloria is passionate about young conservatives under attack at all levels of education. Her goal is to educate parents, grandparents, and students about the truth of the indoctrination happening in our schools today. She penned the book, Outcast: How the Radical Left Tried To Destroy A Young Conservative, exposing the true account of her child's college experience in 2020 at a Christian Conservative University. In her spare time, Gloria enjoys spending time with her family, including her senior pups, reading, and being at the beach.


Sandra Olsen

Sandra Olsen was born in France and is a proud American citizen and Patriot living in Florida. Married with two children, Sandra, a Conservative Christian, is a champion for Conservatives attending and volunteering for many events from helping veterans to empowering the youth to sharing the Conservative movement with her involvement in many groups in the Country. Sandra is a believer in GOD above all else, family, and the Constitution. She is very active in the pro-life movement and sits on many Conservative Boards. Sandra also serves as Chair of our Ambassador Club so be sure to reach out to her about that exclusive Club. 



Linda Lee Tarver

Dr. Linda Lee Tarver, Ed.D., Th.D., is an election integrity expert, educational advocate, national public and motivational speaker, author of two Christian books, an organizational psychologist, former Michigan Civil Rights Commissioner, teacher of biblical truths, and president of Tarver Consulting. Dr. Tarver is currently vice chair of the Lansing Promise Zone Authority Board, a member of the Automation Workz Institute board of directors, a post-secondary vocational school and Workforce Development organization, an advisor to United Women Foundation, an advisor to She Leads Michigan and She Leads America, a national advisor and member of the Mordecai Mission, a member of the Ingham County GOP executive committee, a national director for the Michigan Republican Assembly, and advisor to the America First National Engagement Council. 


MinisterVivian Childs

Minister Childs, who has been a principal. a teacher, and a state chaplain, is an author and results-driven leader who has shown leadership on local, state, & national levels as chairman of boards, councils, and alliances. She served as Chairman of her County Board of Elections, served on the Board of Directors of a Chamber of Commerce, served as Board Chair for a Youth Science and Technology Center, Co-chaired a Community Education Council that met monthly with the Superintendent of Schools to develop agenda, and sits on a Technical College's Adult Ed Advisory Board. Vivian traveled the world as the daughter and as the wife of retired military veterans and was recognized as one of Middle Georgia's Finest. She serves with her husband the Rev/Dr. Henry Childs as a youth minister and as parents of three phenomenal children who have doctorates in Medicine, Law, and Education. She has been presented with Keys to a City, is a keynote motivational speaker, and advocates for veterans, women, farmers, youth, and the elderly.

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Deborah Tilden

Deborah Tilden is a pioneering voice in changing the narrative about women's healthcare and abortion. Invading the status quo and propaganda of abortion-on-demand movement. Deborah is a keynote speaker, author, advocate, life coach, and citizen lobbyist. Deborah is co-founder of S.M.A.R.T. Women's Healthcare - Science Matters in Abortion Related Trauma, launched in the spring of 2016. Splashing on the DC and national scenes to transform public policy. We need bridging dialogue that removes labels and divisive language but instead focuses on best available science relating to the risks and complications of abortion. She believes one of the biggest hurdles our movement has to overcome is the silo mentality and competition. Collaboration and connection are two vital keys to unifying u s in standing for truth and transforming our culture for better public policy in women's holistic healthcare that builds up, empowers, and ignites a movement - and protects babies, builds marriages, families, and society. 

Distinguished Advisor


Martha Boneta Fain

Martha Boneta Fain received her Juris Doctor Law Degree from George Mason School of Law.  In 2017, she was appointed Executive Vice President of Citizens for the Republic (CFTR), an organization founded by President Ronald Reagan in 1977. In 2016, the Virginia General Assembly honored Martha Boneta with a Joint Commendation from both the Virginia House and Senate, recognizing her significant contributions to the Commonwealth and the nation. Martha played a critical role in protecting property rights, so much so that the Virginia State Legislature named two bills after her: the "Boneta Bills" I & II.  Additionally, there is a documentary film commissioned by Charles Koch about Martha overcoming government tyranny, which is screened at universities across the nation to educate students about fighting against government overregulation. United Women Foundation is honored to have Martha, a champion for all Conservatives, on our team. 

Jackie Colbeth Headshot.jpg

Jackie Colbeth

Jackie Colbeth spent over 20 years working in the digital media industry as an advertising sales executive for some of the world’s largest publishers including Vogue, Vanity Fair, The New Yorker, Architectural Digest and Cosmopolitan. She has worked with some of the world’s most recognizable brands to optimize their media investments. Currently, Jackie works for MedCircle, a company she co-founded, that is the largest provider of online educational mental health content. In her spare time, she is an advocate for erasing the stigma surrounding mental health and getting underserved communities’ better access to treatment. Jackie currently resides in Nashville, TN and is passionate about building and supporting a community of women who share Conservative values. Jackie attended Loyola University Chicago on an athletic scholarship where she received her B.A. in Communications. 

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Tish Hartwell

Tish Hartwell was born in Chicago Illinois to Harold and Sophia. She lived in a 3 flat on the near north side of Chicago that her grandparents had bought in 1946. Tish attended and graduated from college in 3 years from Northeastern University and worked in the banking business. One night of July 5th, 1993, life took an unexpected turn.  Tish was involved in what should have been a life ending car accident in the mountains of Utah.  The car rolling down a ravine left both her and her passenger injured. She was diagnosed with a C4-5 spinal cord injury. They gave her 60 months to live but, God had other plans. After working hard she regained a lot of her health and some significant mobility to begin to move forward. She decided to design a vision and pray for a life she truly wanted because she believes all things are possible with God. She met and married her husband who gifted her with 2 bonus children.  They dedicated their life to raising their two extraordinary children. In 2020, they welcomed their first grandchild.  In 2016, she felt a strong call from God to help and serve others.  She applied and was accepted at the Brave Thinking Institute.  She has been certified as a Dreambuilder Coach and Life Mastery Consultant.  She  continues to pursue the deepening of her knowledge, wisdom and understanding to help people live a life they love regardless of circumstance, situation or condition.  These Biblical principles have been applied to her own life as she continues to pursue her dreams. She has a strong passion to serve people by helping them live empowered lives through the tested and proven principles in the programs she teaches. In November 2020, the Lord lead Tish to seek more for herself and her clients as a prayer minister for inner healing through The Heart Healing Network. It is a beautiful way to connect with Jesus and hear His direction and healing He has for each person.

State Liasion

Our State Liaisons connect directly with college conservatives and are at the grassroots level growing United Women every day!


Kristine Sposato - Colorado

Kristine Sposato is a highly respected professional with over 20 years of experience in Higher Education. Originally from Osceola, Wisconsin, Kristine has dedicated her career to coaching

and training college students, providing them with the tools and guidance they need to thrive.


Shannon Vanderhoof - New York

Shannon Vanderhoof is the Founder of Show Me Your Face New York. Show Me

Your Face New York is a grassroots group founded in May of 2021 by Shannon

and her sister Krystle. Shannon is also the Producer and on-air personality for The

Patriettes Podcast.


Diane Canada - Tennessee

Diane Canada is a powerful ally to the conservative movement, helping them win suburban moms to the polls as a Political TV Commentator, Podcaster, Speaker, and founder of "Lady Up" America. Diane was the 2020 Republican Nominee for the Tennessee State House of Representatives District 56. She is a graduate of the Heritage Foundation's Political Leadership Academy in Washington, D.C., holds a Certificate from Hillsdale College in The Constitution, is the former PR Chairman for the Nashville Republican Women Federated Club, and is the former Nashville Political Advocate for the National Association of Women Business Owners. She has served on the Mayor's Minority and Business Advisory Council, currently serves on the Board of the American Bible Project, on the Board of the Tennesse Immigrant and Minority Business Group, and on the Board of BEST, where Diane was voted Volunteer of the Year, teaching entrepreneurship for 4 years inside the women's maximum-security prison to help reduce recidivism. 

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